Living out of sync

I had a flashback the other day. It was triggered by the pounding music and flashing zig zags. I felt overcome with dizziness and had great difficulty staying grounded.

I took a deep breath and fixed my eyes on something else to regain my footing.

I was in Zumba class. And the young lady in front of me, a newbie to the class, was having difficulty keeping time to the music.

But that didn’t stop her from jumping in with both dysrhythmic arms and feet. The motion sickness inducing zig zags on her shirt was the cherry on top.

It was like a Pink Floyd laser show meets an industrial front load washer on the spin cycle.

I had to move to another spot so I could watch the instructor.

The flashback it brought was from the old church days of music ministry. I played piano or sang. It was great fun for the most part. We had some decent musicians and loved playing together.

But then there were the days when The Tambourinist showed up in the congregation. Like the Zumba gal, what she lacked in rhythm, she made up for in enthusiasm. And volume.

It was the unspoken rule of the house that if someone wanted to play, they could. Even if they couldn’t play.

While it was obvious to everyone in ear shot that she was out of sync, she was unaware.

It’s sort of like the same lack of awareness a tone deaf American Idol contestant shows when they proudly bellow off-key, only to get offended they’re not chosen.

And so it is with most of us. We are living out of sync and we don’t realize it. We push ourselves physically until our bodies begin pushing back in the form of health issues.

We don’t say “no” enough and “yes” too often.

And when we do have time to rest, we’re too wound up with inner turmoil and tension to rest.

I am grateful to the young lady who reminded me of the importance of paying attention to the rhythm I’m keeping. I love how the Message version of a verse in Galatians talks about “unforced rhythms of grace.”

That’s the space I find freeing and peaceful.

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Fake it ’til you make it

That phrase used to send a shiver of disgust down my spine. Probably because I usually heard it in context of sneaky multilevel marketing sales pitches or religious folks who seemed disconnected from reality. (And frequently had a collection basket going around to.)

I have run “Fake it til you make” through a filter of “You’re a fraud!” or “Or not qualified!” How dare you!

I was thinking of this the other day when I had a conversation with an amazing young woman – a community leader in every sense of the word. She is literally changing lives.

Her humble beginnings came from a “fake it til you make it” approach. She realized she wasn’t qualified. She was available. She said YES.

And then she worked her butt off to accomplish goals beyond her then-present abilities.

It saddens me to think of how many of us have been shut down out of the fear of being found out as a fraud.

Want to be singer? Then SING. Want to write? WRITE. Go to Tibet and visit a monk? Go to and figure it out. Lead a community? They’re waiting for you.

You’re not a fake – you’re living TRUE to your heart.

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An update

Depositphotos_63170263_m-2015Lots of scurrying about here in the Lode home.  Slowly but surely, I’m overhauling the website and beginning to bring shape to the new focus here.  After many years of writing about homeschooling and ADHD, it’s taking time to sort out my new direction.

My organizing business, “To a T Organizing” is growing.  That’s where I help people unclutter and simplify their homes and/or businesses. Copious cheerleading and encouragement with each engagement.  :)

And I continue to work on my own healing from TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome).  That’s where I unclutter my life on a soul level.  Casting off negative beliefs that do not serve me well.  And learning to live wholeheartedly.

I decided these themes work well under the blog name Life Uncluttered.  So there you have it.

I have more posts in the hopper so stay tuned!

And once again, thank you for being a reader.  I am always humbled when I see I have a new reader.

Loves! Theresa

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Societal factors at play in Alzheimer’s

This article, posted on RUMUR’s, Facebook page talks about the recent study which tells of some sobering numbers. In short, women get Alzheimer’s 2 to 1 compared to men. And when they get it, it’s far more aggressive.

It doesn’t just talk about Alzheimer’s though.  He talks about other MindBody issues in a broader context as well.  RUMUR, by the way is the group behind the film, “All the Rage.”

The film, one that I’ve supported in their Kickstarter campaign, is based upon Dr. John E. Sarno’s pioneering work in Mind Body Syndrome.  You’ll hear from the leading experts in MBS and how they are successfully treating a smorgasbord of chronic health conditions.  It’s going to be amazing!

But back to the article – it’s got GREAT stuff in it and I encourage you to read it if you or someone you know is dealing with chronic health issues.  I’ve read from or watched each one of the experts cited; he does an excellent job of distilling some of the salient points.

Go ahead, give it a read!  And then, pre-order your copy of the movie.  :)

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The lie of “two sides”

I ran into the saying, “there are two sides to a story” the other day. I started nodding my head in acknowledgment. Isn’t that what we say when we’re breaking up a kid squabble or listening to a news story? It’s what we say when we don’t like something or are in disagreement.

And then I thought….NO!

There’s never just two sides to a story. There’s many. Many, many sides. There’s context and nuance and a plethora of other factors that color a situation.

When we say “there’s two sides” we are thinking dualistically and critically. (I don’t mean critically in a thoughtful way either!) We are immediately setting up an adversarial situation – something the dualistic mind does well. Someone’s right (handily, that would usually be YOU) and someone’s wrong (that simpleton who doesn’t understand why you’re right).

Moving away from this knee-jerk way of thinking takes awareness and great intention.

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No one cares!

Group PhotoWhen I saw this meme on Facebook the other day, I nearly spat out my coffee laughing.

Okay, so it’s a little sarcastic…something I try to avoid using regularly.  But I think the meme is en pointe.

One of my favorite books of all time is Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.  One of the little gems he talks about is basically this: Quit whining!  He goes on to talk about how most folks care more about their hangnail than your tale of woe.

I think this meme captures that thought with a great dose of humor thrown in.

Whining and playing victim seems to be a national past time and social media only amplifies the noise.

Look, I hate to tell you this but I will.  No one cares about that idiot that cut you off in traffic!  No one cares that you think Obama is the anti-Christ.  And no one DEFINITELY cares about that incident from 15 years ago that you keep retelling.

I don’t mean to be unkind.  I can fall into the temptation with everyone else to whine.  But the more you do it, the less people will even hear you.  Not to mention how it will clutter up your mind and keep you focused on the negative.

How about sharing a word of kindness or encouragement to someone instead of belly aching and ranting?

It may not fix the source of your difficulty, but I guarantee you, you’ll be a much happier person.  And maybe folks will actually be inclined to some compassion when that hang nail is bugging you.

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The problem with organizing

Empty boxes tend to fill themselves!

Empty boxes tend to fill themselves!

Who doesn’t want to be more organized? To never lose your car keys and to have the ability to find *just* what you need without digging through a pile – sound good, eh

Beyond organizers and nifty bins, there are even STORES devoted to the promise of a more orderly home.

Now, I’ll confess. I’ve never been to a Container Store but I would LOVE to go. I have been to Ikea and I adore looking at all the nifty and clever ways to maximize small spaces.

But there’s a problem. And I see it every time I show up in a client’s house to help them organize. These folks are no slouches. Many of them have a level of organization and many of them have already purchased bins and boxes…some of them quite stylish.

But it’s asking for more difficulty if you get the boxes too soon. I like to think of it as the Cat in the Box Principle. It goes something like this – If you have a cat and an empty box, the cat will fill it.

And so it goes with those cool bins and boxes. You WILL fill them.

Oh, there’s a time and place for those boxes but it’s not before you do some serious purging.

And while you’re doing that, it’s a good time to thing about some things tucked away in your belief system (I’m not worthy, this will never work, etc.) that are not serving you well.

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