I need some early readers

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILWowsers – it’s taking a while to get my book finished.  And I could leave it on the shelf for much longer but I am trying to push it over the finish line.  That is where I could use your help.

I need a few early readers.  This draft is NOT perfect…there’s some distracting typesetting here and there and I’m sure there’s still missed typos.

I’m looking for some feedback and yes, if you see some glaring grammatical errors/typos, I want to hear about them.  But mostly, I’m looking for a bird’s eye overview.  Does it flow? Did I miss somethings?   Something that just seems daft?

If you’d you like a sneak peak, shoot me at email at theresalode81 at gmail dot com.

It has 100-ish pages (depending on how your device reads it.  I will send it as a Mobi file so you can upload onto your Kindle.

It’s an easy, quick read and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two about Craigslisting if you’re not familiar with it already.

Interested in helping?  I don’t need many folks – just a few who can offer helpful feedback. My heart is your hands.

Thanks so much!

New book upcoming!

I am so excited to announce I am in the homestretch with a new book!  It’s been awhile since I have undertaken a book project and I gotta say….I am excited about this one.  I’ve had a ton of fun writing it and am in the process of getting the editing and formatting done.

I think the title says it all…and now, for the drumroll!

Secrets of a Craigslist Ninja

(How I Turned $500 Into $1,500 in Three Days, Got a Free Dryer, and Sold a House)

Those of you who know me personally have seen me do this stuff through the years (often while shaking their heads!) so now, this tell all book with share the things I’ve learned through nearly a decade of Craigslisting.

This book will be available in both hard copy and eBook format.

If you know of someone that needs to make a few fast bucks or help out the family budget, give them a heads up on this book.  I believe this book can bring a lot of practical help to folks!

School or prison?


I will admit, I was a little nervous snapping these with my iPod as we drove past.  If I saw a cop, I don't think I would have out of concern for being pulled over.   What's wrong with this picture that a law-abiding citizen would even give a second thought to snapping a picture?  (Besides the iron gates, that is.)
I will admit, I was a little nervous snapping these with my iPod as we drove past. If I saw a cop, I don’t think I would have out of concern for being pulled over.
What’s wrong with this picture that a law-abiding citizen would even give a second thought to snapping a picture? (Besides the iron gates, that is.)

Every time I drive by the local high school, I am struck with the similarities between it and the local juvenile jail. Actually, I think the school has more barriers and designated mousey corridors. (A friend of mine learned the other day to never, ever, use the “buses only” lane if you’re late dropping off your child. Even if there are no buses around. He was promptly stopped and chided.)

Today, I didn’t see any cops wondering around but there are usually a few.

In the ever elusive quest for safety, I see a couple of consequences:

  • Buh-bye personal freedom. You must get permission to do pretty much anything. Seeing bars go up around schools and signs ordering the comrades, I mean, parents, exactly how and where to drop off children.
  • It trains kids that the government is responsible for their safety. This cultures a victim mentally in addition to an incredible naivety on what history teaches. (Hello? Pol Pot? Hitler?)

When education became compulsory around 100 years ago, its goals were clear: create an obedient workforce. The industrial era needed warm bodies to work in factories.

So an agenda was made between the industrialist fathers and the nascent normal school movement.

Education, but not too much. Bells to guide the day. Obey your teachers. Later, in the factory, it would be those guiding beacons along with enough money to distract them from the fact that their personal freedom and autonomy have been thrown under the bus.

In case you haven’t noticed, the industrial age is over. Kaput. Broken and outsourced.

But yet the industrial education model continues to step things up, or rather, lock things down.

Parents, wake up!  We are complicit in creating a police state.

Yeah, it’s horrible that violence occasionally affects school campuses (like it can affect anywhere there is human activity).

But the course of action we are taking has much darker outcomes, I fear.

A use for coffee you never considered

working stiffAnd no, I’m not talking about a coffee enema (ewwww!)

Those who know me understand my interests range from the quirky to, what some consider, the macabre.  Hence, my recent read of the book, Working Stiff.  Granted, I had a not-so-pleasant dream about a brain dissection but such is the price for a curious mind.

Now here’s a useless fact…one that you’ll never need, pray God.  If you’re living in an apartment building and the stench of a decomposing body is taking over the place, as decomposing bodies do, have all the tenants boil strong coffee on their stoves.

Evidently it is an effective cover for the, er, unpleasant odor.

Returning from the Y this morning, the smell of coffee greeted me.  And this is what I remembered.  Great.

Always one to spread cheer and merriment, I enlightened Jay and Caleb on this tidbit of information.  “You never know when you may need this knowledge,” I said.

I also thought there was a great teaching opportunity in there about dealing with crap immediately and not trying to cover up things.  But it was clear my audience wasn’t receptive.

Caleb muttered something about a sicko mom and left his coffee on the table.

Enlightenment is a lonely place.



I’ll be so happy when…

GAH!  I caught myself saying this aloud this morning.  To myself.  This morning it was, “I’ll be so happy when… this stupid backache goes away.”. (This TMS healing is taking time to walk out!)

How many times have I said that over the years?  I’ll be so happy when….Jay gets a raise.  The kids don’t need carseats anymore.  Winter is over. I lose weight. The flowers bloom and happiness appears like Glenda the Good Witch in her diaphanous gown and magic wand.

It ain’t gonna happen!

It’s a mindless mantra that repeats itself ad naseum, brain need not even be present.

They say the first step to getting out of a hole is to stop digging.  And so it is with mindless self-defeating mantras.  STOP IT!

Happiness is choice.  If you’re waiting for qualifying factors to play out in order to be happy, that day will never come.

I chose to be happy…right here.  Right now.

There.  I just saved you hundreds in therapy appointments.  ;)


Ah. The magical land of Imagi-Nation.  And I betcha you’ve got more than a few stamps in your passport from your visits.

When you’re a kid – you go there to play.

When you’re an adult – you go there to worry.

If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us spend a LOT of time there.  (You also have to pack your own bags for these travels.)

I don’t know about you, but there’s other places I’d rather be.  :)

A shift in this blog

Perhaps it’s because our youngest will be finishing up school shortly – I see my focus on this blog is shifting. Oh, I’m still passionate about  free range education and love to talk to anyone who’s interested in it.   It’s a topic I’ll still visit – just less frequently.

This season in my life is focusing on mindbody topics. Having dealt with chronic pain for many years, I have been in the process of walking out my healing using a mindbody approach. (This approach doesn’t focus on “structural” issues but rather internal stuff and personality traits.)  By the way – my many years in homeschool circles have shown me that many (the majority?) HS moms deal with chronic health issues like Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.

But are these topics really disparate?  I’ve come to the conclusion: Not so much.  Both industrialized medicine or education depend upon a similar playbook, like: 

  • They’re both big bu$iness.
  • Both create passive dependents with a few people at the top making all the decisions for the majority. I’m the expert, do as I say. And don’t dare question my godhood.
  • The needs of the institution outweigh the individual. (Hello? Managed Care? And we all know how well one-size-fits-all education works for many kids.)
  • Both create consumers. (Take this pill, consume this arbitrary curriculum)
  • Perpetuate immaturity and victimhood. (There’s a diagnostic code for that! – It’s not my fault I’m an asshole. Just getting the right person in office will open a job up for me.)

Learning to live fully requires rejecting the status quo and reclaiming our freedom that was our birthright long before the Founding Fathers penned our Constitution.