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Common-and rotten to the-Core

Coming soon to a school near you.  Nah, scratch that.  It’s likely there already.  Resistance is futile, eh?  By 2014, they will be in full effect.

Common Core is part of the No Child Left Behind package that sounds better than it really is.  It goes something like this:

Teachers will teach from one master plan from sea to shine sea so if Johnny’s family moves from San Diego to Freeport, ME, the class in Maine will be studying the same stuff he was studying in CA.  Or so goes the theory.  Truth is, our kids and classrooms are being used as a big lab experiment…only the rats are leading the experiments.

The stuff I’m reading, from people far more versed in this stuff that I’ll ever be, is not sweet on Common Core.  Teachers and administrators alike are very concerned.

Here’s one little tidbit from this article:

President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan often say that the Common Core standards were developed by the states and voluntarily adopted by them. This is not true. They were developed by an organization called Achieve and the National Governors Association, both of which were generously funded by the Gates Foundation. There was minimal public engagement in the development of the Common Core.

It disgusts me that it seems a lot of what’s driving “reform” is the two usual players- money and power.  There’s a LOT of money to be made in this industry, especially by the test makers and educrats touting the benefits of reform.  The conflict of interest is staggering.

Professionals with hands-on experience with kids see this for what it’s worth. It sickens me that this whole system reduces gifted teachers into test givers.  And I’m sure if parents haven’t observed this already, the pressure on kids for high stakes testing has only just begun.

If you have a child in public school, it’s important for you to have a little familiarity on the topic.  And if you’re a home educator, this should serve as another reason to NOT do “school” in your home.


8 thoughts on “Common-and rotten to the-Core

  1. We’re about to do the switch next year. I’m reviewing and comparing AZ Standards to Common Core to find similarities as well as major differences. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think it will be that big of a leap to switch to Common Core next year. I could be wrong though…

  2. Hi and thanks for leaving a comment! Please check back in….I’d love to hear your personal feedback from the front lines.
    And thanks for being a teacher! It’s one of the most important jobs on the planet.

  3. Wow, I never even heard about this! Sounds like yet another reason for me to jump off this public school bandwagon before it tumbles off a cliff.
    I started researching other options to public school last night when I came across your blog, and from there I haven’t been able to stop reading it! I’m a middle school student who’s sick of the public school system and is looking for a new form of education. But, even though I am fed up with the pointless curriculum I’m being taught, one of my main problems is how I constantly feel like I’m being looked at and judged, even though I’m not. Being homeschooled isn’t an option for me, so I was wondering if you could help me figure out what kind of education would be best for me. Right now I’m leaning towards a charter school, but I’m afraid that there will be a lot of people there too. Thank you! And sorry this is a bit off-topic heh.

  4. Wow! I am floored by your comment. I thought you were a teacher, judging from how articulate you are! And I’m so glad you’ve been encouraged reading my blog.
    You strike me as the sort of person who is going to excel no matter what setting you’re in- you understand that education must start in the hands of the learner. So, as my Australian friends would say- Good on you!
    Charter schools can be a GREAT option for some students. Our experience with them was very positive.
    Are your parents on board with you trying out a charter? Other options could be doing school online…but if homeschooling on any level isn’t an option, that might not work.
    I encourage you to find an ally at school….a teacher or a guidance counselor. Most of them really want nothing but the best for their students and will bend over backwards to help you.
    Here’s a resource I just came across the other day. It’s a tool to help teachers/educators…and yes, students, move toward a better way of doing school.
    I wish you nothing but the best and if there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know.


  5. Oh, thank you! I never really thought I could communicate very well given that I’m horrible at explaining things ha ha. And who couldn’t be inspired by your blog? You’re such a great speaker!
    I actually had no idea charter schools existed until my mom suggested one to me when I told her about my problem, and the one that I’m looking into looks very good so that’s good to hear!
    Homeschooling isn’t an option to me because my parents don’t feel up to the task, but I’m putting online education as more of a last resort since I’d probably never get out of the house then! Ha ha I’m such a couch potato.
    Hmm, I never thought about that! That sounds like a really good idea to find an ally at school, I’ll be sure to do that!
    I’ll be sure to look at that program soon, thank you!
    Thank you so much for helping me out, and I’ll watch on the edge of my seat for your next post!

  6. You are SO far ahead of the pack, my young friend!
    If there is anything that I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask. I know you’re going to be wildly successful in whatever you put your mind to….that is evident in how you’re taking charge and assuming responsibility for your life.
    I’m sure your parents must be so proud of you.

  7. Thank you so much! After talking to you I finally decided to take the leap and go charter… but when I looked at the due date for applications it was in an hour, and you had to attend a meeting first which we hadn’t done. I told my mom about it and sulked off… And my mom became super-mom. She filled out the application and drove down to the school, just catching the lady as she left. She accepted it twenty minutes late and put us down for still needing to attend s meeting later. So now I’m waiting until they pull out names for who gets to go, and really hoping that I’ll get in! Thank you so much!
    And my parents are more frustrated with me at the moment since I really don’t want to go to school, ha ha. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get in and won’t have to deal with the stress of public school anymore. Thank you so much, you’ve changed my life!

  8. Yay! I am so happy for you! And Yay! for Super-Mom!
    Honey, hang in there….you’ll get through this tough time. I know you will.
    Please stay in touch, kay?
    Mama bear hugs to you….

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