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Where clutter really begins

typorama copyWhen I help a client purge a closet or a storage unit I often hear,

Where did this STUFF come from?

No one sets out to stuff a storage unit or have cluttered closets. It just happens with accumulation – little by little over time.

Most folks just say they’ll deal with it when they have time.

Well, we know that the time never comes! We just rearrange the stuff. Or maybe rent a storage unit. (Or three!)

Until a life change demands that you deal with it. I believe the real issues is much deeper than a Beanie Baby collection gone Super Nova.

Clutter doesn’t begin with a tucked away knick knack. Or the mondo box of greeting cards you picked up at a yard sale 8 years ago.

I’m convinced clutter begins in the heart.

And it’s driven by the story we create around the stuff.

We can’t throw out the tacky framed picture of Jesus-with-the-rheumy-eyes because Aunt Zelda (dead 13 years) loved it and it would betray her memory, and maybe even be disrespectful to Jesus, to send that picture to its rightful home at the dump.

We future trip about how we’re FINALLY going to be a good family member and make sure those birthday cards, even to the second cousins, are sent out ON TIME! (And besides, that musty basement smell that came with them will probably dissipate while en route, right?)

The bulging basement may be symbolic of all expectations and guilt you’ve stuffed in your heart. (And this is why I strive to be gentle when helping clients.)

But we’re not even cognizant of what we’ve just done. But your body knows. And it’s no coincidence your back just started hurting.

More on this later…


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