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Book review – a must read!

I just finished reading SteveO’s latest book, Back Pain, Permanent Healing and HIGHLY recommend it.  (Unless you care to suffer with back pain for umpteen years like I did.)   This book is an easy read and focused primarily on back pain – a multi-billion dollar industry in the US.  In it, Steve breaks down the… Continue reading Book review – a must read!

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Medication or meditation for ADHD?

Nearly 10% of all school aged children are being diagnosed with ADHD.  Throw in the likelihood that mom and/or dad have ADD or ADHD and whoa!  That’s a lot of squirrelly brains running around. I first started reading about mindfulness  for help in dealing with my own anxiety tendencies and I can say – it… Continue reading Medication or meditation for ADHD?

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Our journey with ADHD

If you’re new to my blog,  you may be wondering who I am and why I write about these things. In the podcast, Dr. Pei and I discuss our journey with ADHD, starting with when our oldest son was diagnosed around age five. Here’s a few of the things we’ve learned: ADHD: is it neurological,… Continue reading Our journey with ADHD

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I think, therefore I am…stressed

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that about 10% of school-aged are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.  I read another study that says that 30% of Americans will suffer with an anxiety disorder over the course of their life. How many people do you personally know that are taking an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety?  I can prattle off… Continue reading I think, therefore I am…stressed