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What do you REALLY want?

Okay, you now know what you want. You’re ready to move through the coaching process and have everything figured out within a month. Clarity has arrived! You will be flinging open your shutters, emerging from the dark winter to feel the rays of springtime sunshine beaming down on your face. Singing birds will flutter about… Continue reading What do you REALLY want?

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Do you really want to heal?

For many years, I was not ready to heal.  I need the distraction of physical therapy appointments and *just one more* book that promised healing.  So I would go from symptom to symptom – headache to ankle issues to the omnipresent backache.  (My list of symptoms was quite lengthy btw and had me covered head… Continue reading Do you really want to heal?

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Book review – a must read!

I just finished reading SteveO’s latest book, Back Pain, Permanent Healing and HIGHLY recommend it.  (Unless you care to suffer with back pain for umpteen years like I did.)   This book is an easy read and focused primarily on back pain – a multi-billion dollar industry in the US.  In it, Steve breaks down the… Continue reading Book review – a must read!

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Where clutter really begins

When I help a client purge a closet or a storage unit I often hear, Where did this STUFF come from? No one sets out to stuff a storage unit or have cluttered closets. It just happens with accumulation – little by little over time. Most folks just say they’ll deal with it when they… Continue reading Where clutter really begins

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I no longer battle depression

We Americans speak war very well.   We have the war on terror.  The war on drugs.  The war on, well, take your pick. You hear this same language with health issues too.  “I’m going to fight this thing!”  And when the “battle” is lost, you may see the war language in an obituary, “John fought… Continue reading I no longer battle depression